Limited-Edition Winter 6 Pack Limited-Edition Winter 6 Pack Limited-Edition Winter 6 Pack

Limited-Edition Winter 6 Pack

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Limited-Edition Winter 6 Pack

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We just released 75 limited-edition Winter Boxes on the West Coast. These boxes are filled with our team’s favorite picks for winter sipping. Each beer featured in our Winter Boxes is a Hopsy Exclusive. Check out what’s inside these limited-edition boxes, and grab yours before they run out. 

Centennial - Single Hop IPA - 5.5% ABV

This golden brew is light-bodied and easy drinking with a massive dose of Centennial varietal character.   This beer showcases dominant flavors of Meyer Lemon, Evergreen, with a pleasant lingering bitterness on the finish.  A very bright and brilliant sun-gold color in the glass, with a frothy cap of white foam. Pair with Tacos, Chèvre, and Lemon Meringue Pie

Guy on Buffalo - Hazy IPA - 6% ABV

Guy on a Buffalo comes riding into town loaded with flavor! Juicy citrus tones of Navel Orange, Meyer Lemon, and Red Grapefruit.  A full-bodied malt profile, chock full of all that hazy goodness that makes this brew a textural treat. A hint of bitterness on the backend provides a balance for the big hop profile.  This beer is anything but subtle, much like The Guy on a Buffalo. Pair with fish tacos, cheddar, carrot cake, and non-standard mounts.

Bootstrap Brown - American Brown Ale - 5.5% ABV

This brew is a deep chestnut colored brown ale loaded with toffee and toasty caramel tones without getting overly sweet.  Well balanced with a nice mellow earthy finish, this beer is the epitome of what an American Brown Ale really wants to be.  Packed full of flavor, without the overbearing weighty elements that some darker brews can display. Pair with steak, aged gouda, and butterscotch ice cream.

Winter Surfing - Kolsch - 5.0% ABV

This German Kolsch is exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to refreshment and drinkability.  Still packed with flavor, this brew is golden with a soft white cap of head and is loaded with crisp water cracker flavor and hints of white bread.  Hop profile lends itself to a more floral expression with touches of herbal elements to bring things back down to earth. Light bodied, but still packed with flavor--this is one of our favorite beers yet.  Pair with Tuna, soft cheeses, and shortcake with fresh fruit.  

Chocolate for Dinner - Chocolate Stout - 6% ABV

Chocolate for Dinner is precisely what it claims to be.  A rich, full-bodied brew with chocolate notes, and a massive dose of roasty elements.  This beer is complex and lingering with a grain and malt laden front end and a roasty, bitter chocolate finish.  Touches of herbal and woody hop flavors provide balance, along with the bitter chocolate finish. Jet black and with a tightly bound tan cap for head, this brew is one to be savored. Possibly even for Dinner.  Pair with pork roast, Havarti, and chocolate. 

Fortune in Copper - Copper Ale - 4.5% ABV

A Fortune in Copper is a well-balanced copper ale.  Much akin to amber and red ales, our copper ale features a mash bill with a big grain profile, but still avoiding a heavy dose of crystal malts to keep the body light and the beer dry.  We’re focusing on English hops to drive an earthy, more herbal flavor, and accentuate the bready character of the beer. Pair with Prime Rib, Toscano cheese, and Gingersnaps.