How It Works How It Works How It Works

1 – Get the SUB Home Tap

The SUB Home Tap is a revolutionary home draft system that allows you to enjoy draft beer in the comfort of your own home. It's a plug-and-pour appliance that sits right on your countertop, and only needs a plug to work. No CO2 cartridge or specific maintenance needed: just slide your Hopsy minikegs in the SUB and pour a fresh draft beer, it's as simple as that. Oh, and The SUB also includes its own refrigeration system and keeps your beer fresh and ready to go at all time!


1 - LOAD

Insert the mini-keg
in the SUB


2 - TAP

Slip the tube
through the tap


3 - LOCK

Close the door
of the SUB


4 - POUR

Pull the handle
and enjoy draft beer

2 – Receive your monthly beer delivery

Every 4 weeks, we'll send you our best selection of beers. IPAs, Lagers, Stouts, Pilsner, we've got it all. We work directly with the best breweries in the country to source the best beers and give you access to their limited releases. The Hopsy Club is a flexible membership: no contract or hidden fees; need to cancel, change beers, or skip a month? Not a problem.



Your favorite craft beers from the best breweries, IPAs, Stouts, seasonals and more.



So hot right now. Hazy, West Coast, Session - whatever hops you want we’ve got ‘em.



We searched far and wide to send your taste buds on a free trip around the world.


Can I skip a delivery?

Definitely. Just contact our Customer Happiness team when you receive your order confirmation. You can also pause your shipments and resume later.

Can I buy beer a la carte?

Yes absolutely. Just check out our weekly beer menu and pick the beers you like! We bring new beers all the time.

Am I in a Contract?

Nope! Hopsy has no contracts, commitments, service charges or ridiculous fees - just fresh draft beer delivered to your door.

3 – Our customer happiness team is here for you

Questions or comments? Our Customer Happiness Team is happy to help. Feel free to check out our Help Center or email/chat with one of us directly.